The Future is Mobile, the Future is Portable App Development

Smartphones are no longer fancy luxury gadgets but are a necessity in today’s age. They act as a doorway to knowledge, information, entertainment, besides the features that make life easier. The usability and demand for smartphones are growing with each passing day. Earlier, what was operative only on a desktop computer is now on fingertips, just a touch away.

Well, what makes them smart? It’s the Android and iOS operating system. They are like digital assistants enabling you to use the unique features, multi-tasking and a variety of applications, both inbuilt and third-party apps. We at Addengineers keep ourselves abreast of all the latest technologies required for a top-notch app with an unrivaled design for better user experience and high-performing functionality.

Android App

According to the research, Android holds about 81% share in the smartphone market. With over 2 million apps in the PlayStore, how will your app stand out and sustain the competition? Our digital specialists use the latest trends, technologies, creative designs and a plethora of tools to deliver an app that meets your business requirements and provides seamless user experience.

We put in using sophisticated tools to customize apps that are scalable and flexible for any android device. Our team has proven its excellence by working in various domains such as gaming, finance, e-commerce.


Apple’s iOS operating system offers some unique features such as gesture, touch, iCloud compatibility, integrated search support and many more, which makes it the second most popular operating system. Though it appears to be a complex process to develop an iOS application, the professionals at Addengineers have expertise in delivering an iOS app that stands a class apart and also meets your business requirements.

We thrive on competition and challenges. Hence, we use cutting edge techniques and methods to build an interactive, feature-rich and user-friendly iOS application. Our iOS lab is always à -la-mode with Apple updates, coding languages such as SWIFT and Objective-C, frameworks, making sure the compatibility with new-generation devices.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps are a combination of the best of both the worlds, native and web. Going hybrid reduces cost, saves time as one need not start coding from scratch to build an app for different platforms. It employs native app features and is powered by HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to give it an ability to work on multiple platforms. While the users cannot distinguish between a native app and a hybrid app as they are launched and stored in the same way, the real difference is the development process.

Our hybrid solutions are high-performing, feature-rich, scalable and secure, having the potential to suit any business or IT requirements. We do rigorous quality tests before delivering an app to make sure it is bug-free.

Industries We Serve




Cosmetics & Jewellers

Consulting Firms

Real Estate


Architects & Construction

Health (Doctor/Hospital)

Hotel & Restaurants

Gym & Fitness

Fashion & Lifestyle

Event & Wedding Planner


IT & Software

Interior Designer

Night Bars & Clubs



Mobile App Monetization
Monetize your mobile application by maximizing its returns through ad formats. Learn to effectively develop, implement and measure your monetization strategies through Addengineers.
Mobile App Strategy
Ultimate vision of any business is to provide desired solutions to its customers. We help our clients in forming best mobile app development service plans that involve coherent interactions and best designs.
Cross-Platform App Development
Addengineers deploys best framework and tools to develop mobile apps that give vigorous results on multiple mobile platforms.
Enterprise Mobility Solutions
We build smartphone driven processes that align workforce in an effective way, using enterprise mobility solutions, the most evolutionary mobile technology innovation of this time.
Customer Centric Solutions
Your mobile app should speak about your brand and at the same time should have a ‘wow’ user factor and experience. We offer better design, salient features and dynamic yet simple app navigation.
Native App Development
We use native app development hardware and utilities to build result oriented and sturdy apps for products and services focused companies.