Online Reputation Management

The virtual sphere is as real as the world we live in, so are the relations we keep on the World Wide Web. Taking a lead into the Digital world, Addengineers Media offers its client access to the features in industry related online publications,

editorials, blogs, events & awards. Getting people to talk about you & to make them your brand ambassadors is what we strive for.


Each brand has its own personality, a flavor unique to itself. Maintaining this persona is perhaps more of a challenge than devising one. With our expert Communication Specialists, we acquaint ourselves with your brand as if it were our own.

And from there on, what you get is the same language, verbiage, tone and image across all available channels to ensure your brand’s uniqueness is not diluted or lost in


If only someone could take a snapshot of how you picture your products or how you wish to showcase them. Bringing thoughts to words and converting the creative brief into a creative is a challenge & we love challenges. Our creative team is, well, creative. To bring a concept to life, you need to connect with the brand or the product.

That’s why our creative team spends more time listening to you rather than playing with their Macs.


Beautiful is mundane. Attractive is mainstream. Being unique & tasteful is the need of the hour and at Addengineers Media we believe only in fresh ideas. And, being a leading Digital Marketing firm, we understand that websites are not for just pomp & show, they have a purpose.

From ease of navigation to user friendliness, our customized designs factor in all aspects of a website to give your business a head start.


With technology changing faster than you could say Jack Robinson, your business constantly requires upgrades to your existing website. Or, if you are new to the virtual world, you might find it challenging to decide which technology you should invest in for your website. We provide comprehensive website development solutions to businesses across industries based on their needs & objective.

Our specialty is customized CMS based websites which are scalable, easy to manage & upgrade and SEO friendly.


The world is increasingly becoming social, at least virtually. That includes your target audience, irrespective of which product or service you offer. With most internet users spending majority of their online time socializing with their families and friends, you need to be where your audience is. And the power of social influence can never be overstated, social media is known to make or break brands within hours. We empower you to control your social presence, use it to your advantage, contain negative sentiments while effectively promoting positive sentiments.

We believe in converting your fans into your brand ambassadors to make your business grow from virtual word of mouth publicity.


From specialized content for websites to content for marketing & branding material, Addengineers Media offers crisp and concise content writing services across industries & verticals.

Our content writers not only keep into account your brand’s personality and product specifications, they also understand the nuances of Digital Marketing and keep the content Search Engine friendly as well.


It is not just the technology which makes a website successful. It is how your customers interact with your website which defines the success.

We provide customized User Interface for both – the end users as well as those who manage the website from the backend to ensure that the interface is easy to follow, quick to operate and is result oriented.


Keeping in mind the end objectives of your website, we focus as much on technology and interface as we focus on the User Experience. From our vast experience and user behaviour studies, we understand which part of your webpage holds the real estate value and position your key items & menu button at just the right places.

We make a user’s experience on your website a delight and you know what delighted customers do – they buy!